Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

As an Electronics Engineer one can revolutionize the way of living due to developments taking place in transmission and revolution in the ways of communication. Electronics Engineers have pivotal role in modern society. The in-depth knowledge of the subjects of Computer Science and Information Technology is provided in Electronics & Communication Engineering as well. The hardware developed by Electronics Engineers are used in computers which are becoming more useful day by day. 

Departments of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation

The field of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is growing at a very fast pace. Over the past three decades, the field of instrumentation has seen an extremely widespread application in almost all disciplines of engineering e.g., Mining & Metallurgy, Robotics, Textile, Rolling Mills, Cranes & Hoists, Arc Furnaces, Chemical Engineering, Process Control etc. The Microcontroller chips have virtually become the heart of modern instrumentation design. New technologies have resulted in more versatile, compact, accurate and faster response time, as compared to the conventional designs. 

Computer Facilities

The college has a well-furnished Computer Center with a carpet area of 195.3 Square Meters. It has the PCs with the latest processors and TFT monitors, connected on dedicated LAN with uninterrupted high-speed Internet facility.

There are another five Computer Laboratories; having a total of 320 computers, out of which 160 are connected on LAN with Internet connectivity. The software is updated from time to time as per the requirement. Printers are available wherever required.